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Charlie Edmiston

Edmiston’s first solo exhibition in Germany, presents a new body of work produced specifically to exist in harmony with the unique architectural environment of PERG. This series continues the artist’s dialogue between the compositional conventions of painting and the material presence of relief sculpture.

While preparing a new body of work, the artist often enters a conceptualization phase that is chaotic and absent of direction. Lost and Found, references techniques, shapes and material in Edmiston’s practice that were once abandoned for newer ideas or lost in the studio archives. Later to be rediscovered and implemented for this exhibition, the title also represents a moment of clarity when the visual tone was established and the production of artwork commenced.

Whether dwelling in organized containment or testing the freedom of unbound forms, Edmiston’s shapes and colors communicate with their counterparts found on display within the gallery space. They are never exact duplicates, but do evoke a sense of connection and continuity of intention. In essence, visual echoes, functioning in a way similar to musical motifs, unifying the overall collection.
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